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Our Customers Love Us, And Now It’s Official

No matter what kind of business you’re running, be it a marketing agency, SaaS business, marketing software, SCR888 online casino slot machines or a real estate empire — you’re obsessed with one thing: maximizing growth.
This means you spend a good amount of your time tracking, measuring, and analyzing metrics. You worry about reducing churn rate, increasing MRR (monthly recurring revenue), lowering CPA (cost per acquisition) and increasing LTV (lifetime value) among countless other KPIs (key performance indicators).


What we sometimes underappreciate, even ignore, in this alphabet soup of measurements, is the most important of all business metrics — customer satisfaction.
Customer satisfaction is ‘the metric’ you should focus on when measuring your business growth because once you do right by it, every other metric falls neatly into place and the growth graph points upward.Not only that, customers ranked us as Leaders in G2 Crowd’s Conversion Optimization Software Grid alongside Google Analytics, Optimizely, and Kissmetrics:
We couldn’t help but notice Instapage earned one of the highest overall satisfaction scores. It should be mentioned that the G2 Crowd Grid was formulated using customer satisfaction data reported by authenticated users in addition to vendor market presence determined from social and public data.
And although official validation is always welcome, from the very beginning we have prioritized customer success.

Customer satisfaction is contingent on several points, perhaps none more important than making the customer feeling heard acheter viagra europe. But, listening can be a difficult, or time consuming, especially for organizations rushing to maximize growth.

It’s not unusual for companies to merely react to a customer’s issue or comment rather than fix the problem. Not surprisingly, these companies generally do not rate favorably. Think of the much-maligned cable television providers who have, despite their best efforts, never been able to shake the reputation of being the worst when it comes to delivering even the sparest amounts of customer satisfaction.

At Instapage we adopted a listen then fix attitude, and the results have been amazing. Simply by listening we’ve been able to develop the features our customers want and need.

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