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Partnering To Promote Your Landing Pages

Sometimes marketing your landing page might seem too hard to do alone. When that happens, get by with a little help from your (famous) friends.
These people with massive followings are known in the marketing world as “influencers” for their ability to affect your prospects’ behavior through posts and updates. Putting your product in their hands has the potential to gain you broad exposure, and drive traffic to the pages where customers are made.


Schlesinger Associates reports that last year, 84% of marketing and communications professionals planned to launch at least one influencer marketing campaign in the following twelve months; and 81% of marketers who had previously completed an influencer marketing campaign reported that it was effective.
Start by using social listening tools to identify the people who are talking about your brand. If you have trouble, find out who else your fans follow. From whom are they getting their favorite content?
Make sure that when you find them, you check to make sure an influencer’s followers are engaging. Partnering with someone whose fan base is in the hundreds of thousands may seem exciting at first, but it won’t be if you find out the majority of their fanbase is fake.
From there, a simple and honest outreach message on your brand’s behalf will get the relationship off to a good start. Check their profile for instructions on how to best contact them. Many influencers’ accounts are managed by an outside agency that handles business requests.
Consider offering compensation or some form of cross-promotion to the influencer. Remember that the key to developing a relationship is to make it mutually beneficial. Then, brainstorm to determine what kind of content would best suit your partnership viagra vendre suisse.
If cross-promotion is the ultimate goal, you might simply share each other’s posts and account handles, the way Nathan Chan from Foundr did with Rich20Something. Or maybe an unboxing video would generate more interest in your product.
With 8 out of 10 marketers claiming it’s effective, regardless of how you do it, partnering with an influencer is worth a try.

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